Mbi5026gn and mbi5026gf footprints

Do anyone has KiCad footprints for MBI5026GN and MBI5026GF?

What do you get if you google for “MBI5026GN kicad”?

The least you should give us is a direct link to the datasheet preferably setup to the correct page that describes the package/footprint (or at least tell us the page)

Or even better include the relevant drawings in your post.

Looks like a standard package. Look into for example Package_DIP in KiCad libraries.

The footprints are not available on google.

Thanks for your reply. Here is the link for datasheet.

MBI5026GF - SOP24 - 236 1.00

It is not available in KiCad libraries.


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MBI5026GN is a standard DIP package, in KiCad

MBI5026GF is not a standard package in KiCad, however you could easily create one using the footprint wizard.

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Thank you so much for your kind help.

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