MAX4734 MSOP Library and footprint

I want to add a MAX4734 Mulitiplex surface mount chip to a SCH and PCB
Is there a library and footprint for it please?

Requests are usually better received (and more likely to be successful) if a link to a datasheet is provided …

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For MSOP Footprint:

For Symbol - I cannot grep it, but there may be equivalent once if I spend time to look into the datasheet, and try from grep with keywords - may find something.

this looks promising. But for details one would need to compare the datasheet assigned to that footprint with the drawing found in the MAX4734 datasheet. (@camerart compare the drawing of the package itself.)

Whats strange is that 3x3mm is the maximum whereas we normally use nominal dimensions for naming. (But that could be a mistake for that particular footprint.)

I think you can try this tool to create the symbol for it - for the datasheet PDF:

scratch that. There are two dimensions given for the body size (one above the leads and one below the leads.) The one below the leads has 3x3mm as nominal.

Perhaps it’s best to wait till I have them in my hand, so I can be more clear.

I re-check this post then.

Thanks, C.

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