Matching words does not treat values as a single word

Any trick to make this match the whole string only?
For instance, I want to find 1u not 0.1u
How can I achieve that?
Maybe this is a bug.


I feel this kind of bug always comes back.

Why always wildcards? I think I could achieve that if the field would support regexp. We could drop wildcards completely everywhere and use only regexp, right?

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I don’t think this necessarily is a bug. A dot usually ends sentences and thus divides words, so “0.1u” would contain the “words” “0” and “1u”, at least to the logic most programs use for word search.

However I think there should be an option to only compare the whole text.

Yes, also a comma separate words so probably 0,1u will be the same behavior. As you say most text editors use the ‘whole word’ search this way. Maybe kicad should implement a ‘space separated word’ search or something like that.

Regular expressions are probably not as well know as simple wildcards . . . I do agree though that this should be considered a bug, I don’t think it’s logical or helpful to consider a . or , or _ as whitespace.

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