Massive thank you to KiCAD team

My deepest gratitude to the KiCAD team for this incredible piece of software. Its been an absolute pleasure designing my first board with KiCAD. It is genius in so many different ways: Its elegant, refined, powerful, and easy to use. A most generous gift to the greater community of electronic designers, and a true testament to the power of open source software.

Thank you so much…!


Don’t you have anything to complain about? :slight_smile:


Of course Photon-D has nothing to complain about. Obviously they work within the limitations of the programme and have diligently read the help files along with the outstanding quality and volume of information available from this forum.

Maybe in due course Photon-Delight may make some remarks about the subtle humour an irony exhibited by certain forum dwellers, or, maybe, like at least one other here, they will just let it wash over their head. :grin:


:laughing: The question though. Does it sound like there is a complaint following his thank you message?

I thought it was a joke from @eelik. From time to time a message turns up at this forum to rant about the tool, mainly because its behaviour is different from some other tool.
This time there were no complaitns, only congratulations.


Yes, some subtle attempt at irony which may cause confusion, so please forgive me. On a serious note I’m sure everyone has eventually something to complain about, but it’s nice to see how sometimes KiCad fits someone’s workflow and expectations so well that there’s no need to add that complaint in the first post.

None of us can be objective in judgement but trying to put aside my semi-deep involvement in the project I have to say what KiCad has reached in its field already is admirable, and more is coming.

‘his’? Not all electronics designers are male. Although maybe all the rude ones are :smiley:

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It was good, humor is good… brought a smile to my face; like a similar comment made by you to a similar comment to the OPs I posted some time ago.

This, not so good. Most posts in this forum seem to be of the variety “how do you …?” rather than complaints about the programme.

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I mean everyone has something not to like about in any computer software, unless it’s so trivial program that it does only one small thing and doesn’t need to do more. This isn’t limited to KiCad, it’s universal. KiCad is pretty complicated piece of software and necessarily can’t meet all needs and wishes of any one user. I like KiCad very much but report wishes to the issue database every now and then and even argue with the developers. In the end I hope my involvement is far in the positive side.

Hmmm, “arguing with developers”: good for you!
That should keep them on their toes and improve the programme.

I’m afraid I am now guilty of mellowing with age. I tend to accept Kicad for what it is, and, if need be, compromise my ideas to suit the programme: a rubbish attitude for development. :slightly_frowning_face:

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It is obvious as this forum is to ask “how to…”. Go to bug reports to look for complaints.

There is a bit of an art to doing this productively :smile:


I know I have been a nuicance sometimes but I guess it’s on the positive side in the end :slight_smile:

For the record, “arguing” may have given a wrong impression if one doesn’t know I have also written some documentation and do some janitoring with the issue database, thus helping the project in many ways. I hope it gives me some extra privileges when commenting :grinning:


Of all EDA software, KiCad has the best price/quality ratio! :sunglasses:

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