Mass attribute Exclude from bill of materials

I would like to remove tens of elements from BOOM. There is an option “Exclude from bill of materials”, but clicking tens of items depending on whether you need them in BOOM or not is a cumbersome and time-consuming. Is there any option to mass change this attribute, e.g. I select part of the scheme and select “Exclude from bill of materials”?
I use Kicad v6

Always include the kicad-version into your question. It’s especially necessary for this topic.

v6: if you start changing now, you are 2 minutes later ready. Sometimes it’s faster to just do something (even if it’s simple checkbox-clicking).

v7: use the newly added properties-panel in the board-editor. On the schematic-side: you have still to change one symbol after the other.

p.s. I added a description of the version

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