Mark ERC reported errors as accepted

I’m looking for a way to validate or accept some errors reported by ERC. Is this possible?
I think ERC check is fair as it is, it’s better to report any possible problem even if there is none than the opposite, masking an actual problem. But I would appreciate if I could disable a specific error when I have checked it, in case of no problem.
I have tried a few things, right click in the ERC window on a specific error, but it doesn’t help.
Thanks for any hint.

This is a new feature in nightly builds and will be in the 6.0 stable release. You can set the severity of each type of ERC check (error, warning, or ignore) and also choose specific ERC errors to ignore for a given project.

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I’m always amazed by the reactivity of this forum. 10 minutes to get a reply. Doesn’t exist in any commercial software I know.
Ok, I will wait then. I tried the nightly builds, but as there are some issues with the acceleration when using a virtual machine, it doesn’t work well. And right now, I’m in real work, for food.


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Hi roboya,

You can expect three possibilities while performing an ERC check.

  • Error: You need to rectify these to move ahead with your design.
  • Warning: You can ignore the warning issues and still move ahead with your design.
  • No Error

You can choose specific errors as per your project requirements.

Hello Amit!

Thanks for your reply.
I’m aware of this functionality. Here is the idea: whatever your settings, you will always have some
situations escaping the general rule. On the setting you displayed, you can of course make less
checks, but the risk will be that some errors may get through.

As for the condition dependent errors, for example you can imagine that in some designs you don’t
want the EEPROM’s WP to allow writing, in which case you tie up to ground). In this case, you get a
warning because you get a power flag to something which is not power. So it depends on the case,
of the current use, in some case you will have warning.

So other people may also wonder what I’m asking: the meaning of my question was whether it is
possible to validate some errors. For example: I get “WP connected to power” as a warning, and I
was asking if it’s possible to disable this particular check (for instance with a checkbox on every error

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