Manufacturers part number in symbol?

For parts in your schematic, is there a way to include the manufacturers part number in the symbol data?
This would help create a complete BOM.
Maybe I’m missing something.

today only a link to the FAQ:

look at section “Adding user fields for better BOM output”.
You should add these fields only to your personal libraries (or a copy of the original libraries). Otherwise your changes may get lost at next update.
Also try to be consistent and use the exact same Name (Manufacturer, MF, … whatever) in your symbols. This helps to work with BOM-scripts.

You can add a few entries in Schematic Editor / File / Schematic Setup / General / Field Name Templates, and field names entered there appear to be always present when editing symbol properties. These names are also system wide, so you see the same list in each KiCad project.

Some of the external libraries, such as for example the Digikey library already have a lot of extra information (Digikey part numbers?) attached to the parts in that library.

It would help a bit if there were a list of preferred names for some fields, but as of yet there is no real consensus of what that list should be. Such a list would make BOM scripts easier, as they could then just use those preferred names as a starter.

But a real implementation can only be done with database integration. At the moment an LM358 is just a simple part in KiCad, but once you start adding such details, then you have multiple manufacturers, and variants with very small differences, but which do have different ordering numbers. Even just the packaging can change such numbers. And with resistors it would be complete madness, It goes from a handful of resistor symbols to maybe over a million parts.

It’s unlikely KiCad would ship with such databases. Having some pre-defined (and prefered) names would make the BOM scripst easier to use, but it would still be quite limited. The developers are working on some form of database integration, and this may get implemented for KiCad V7. That would make improvements in the current system quite temporary, and therefore not very interesting.

This is where “house numbers” are used in industry as one component may have several approved suppliers, each with their own (sometimes changing!) part numbers

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