Manufacturer for small clearance between tracks


Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for a manufacturer for my PCB. I haven’t found one yet that meets my requirements: the gap between two tracks can be as low as 0.1mm, hence I need a manufacturer with a tolerance that fits those specifications.

Here’s a zip file with the Gerber files FIRSTbuckconverter-B.Cu (2).zip (7.3 KB)

Any recommandations?


Your gerber does not have a board outline ???

I also don’t understand the idea behind what you are trying to accomplish.
You also seem to be new at pcb design.
Silkscreen looks like a mess (sorry).

When considering the above my advise is to start of with desining some more “conventional” boards first.
But if you want to go on:
The cheap (EUR 1 / board) Chinese manufactories are probably not going to be reliable with 0.1mm clearance.
But for those prices you can try…
BCB houses which can met your demands are verly likely to be expensive ( EUR 50 for a board or so) and it seems unlikely you want to spend that kind of money on a board like this.

You shouldn’t need such spacing for any power applications, unless you’re designing specialty boards that include spark gaps, but even then.


Every modern manufacturer shall be able to supply 0.1mm track/gap.

Your data is missing following inportant details:


Then I must be using non-modern manufacturers. 0.1mm is about 4 mil, while OSH Park and EasyEDA both have a minimum of 6 mil.


I wouldn’t doubt they are using fabs that operate on second hand equipment from a fab house that ‘modernized’ their equipment. I think it is TI that has a USB-C footprint suggestion that uses 3 mil traces.


@ppelleti: oshpark gives a minimum of 5mil (for 4 layers)


I don’t think you understand the reality of manufacturing. A manufacture can only provide the information of the capabilities that they can afford to guarantee.

You need to determine your board manufacture before you create a design that is beyond normal manufactures capabilities.

PS: If you open that spec up to 0.004 inches, or 4 mills, Osh Park can likely provide that board, even if they will not guarantee it.


You must not be looking very hard. While the default for most online quoting systems is usually width/space of 6/6 mils I haven’t found one yet that wasn’t capable of 4/4 mils, at a significant price increase.

I haven’t looked at your boards but according to the filename it’s a board with a buck converter? Why could you possibly need that tight of spacing?

Assuming your board is relatively small, with 6/6 mil width/space you could get 10 made at a Chinese fab for about $5 USD + shipping. At 4/4 mil it will cost you about $75 + shipping.