"Manual PnP" tool now supports KiCad Output


Quick word to let everyone who assembles they’re own prototypes know that I’ve just released an enhancement to “MeatbagPnP” so that it’ll work with KiCad output.

MeatbagPnP is a little python app (created by Colin O’Flynn) that takes the PnP .pos file and an image of your board to indicate exactly where a part–or (now) a group of components of the same value–should be placed.

You can see it in action with KiCad:

And get more info on using it with KiCad:

Hope it’s useful to others as well.


wow this is so cool! :open_mouth:
forwarded to our apprentice :slight_smile:

If you did not already you could add a link to your tool to https://github.com/xesscorp/kicad-3rd-party-tools

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Neat, didn’t know about the list!

Will check it out further, but I made a PR.

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