Managing schematic updates and track removal

Hello - i’ve been using KiCad for some time now but there is still something that is not too clear for me.

When you’re changing the schematic and adding new components, then save the netlist, update in PcbNew, the new components appear with ratsnest wires.

However when modifying the schematic (ie changing connections between the components), the PCB does not seem to provide a way to identify the tracks that are remaining (they’re still present).

the documentation states that:

however - as far as I can see (version

  1. this option “Delete Unconnected Tracks” does not exist anymore in KiCad v5
  2. there is no DRC rule that identifies tracks between components that should not exist anymore

to be fair, the doc mentions that it is “quicker to modify such tracks by hand” - however I am searching for a way to identify all such tracks that should not exist anymore (I’m afraid I may miss a change, sometimes).

Thanks in advance,

There are a couple of ways of doing what you want.

It is no longer recommended to use the NetList tool when working with a KiCad schematic. Instead, use the Update PCB from schematic tool; one icon to the right of the Netlist icon. There are some options to remove

Under the Edit menu, there is a tool to Clean up Tracks and Vias.

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OK, yes it seems the option “Delete Track Segments connecting different nets” in Clean Up Tracks and Vias does the trick.

Note that in the “Update PCB from Schematic” I did not find any relevant option…


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