Manage KiCad symbol library files using CSV format

Hello there,

Recently I needed to operate a ton of symbol updates on our libraries. Instead of processing those manually, I spent time working on a tool to translate back and forth symbol library data (stored in “.lib” and “.dcm” files) into the CSV format. I’ve decided to share this tool now that I think it is more or less stable (eg. I did not have any issue with it in the current form).

You can find it on GitHub:
I hope it can be useful to some, docs are on the Github page.



Please add an entry for your tool in the list of KiCad 3rd-Party Tools.

Thanks @devbisme, I just did :slight_smile:

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Thank you for improving the list!

johne@server:~/Dropbox/Desktop.server/eeintech/kicad-database-utils-csv$ kicad-tools/ -h
File “kicad-tools/”, line 53
def print(*args, **kwargs):
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Run on ubuntu 20.04

@ouabacheDesignworks What version of Python are you running it with? It looks like Python 2. I have only tested it with Python 3.6+.

You can either create a virtual environment to run it the way you did or you can call the script using Python 3:
$ python3 kicad-tools/ -h

Yep, that fixed it.

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