Malwarebytes blocking this forum

Recently I’ve been getting “Website blocked due to hijack” for I’m using Malwarebytes Premium 4.2.1. It said to report it to the site owner which is what I’m doing.

I had to add an exclusion to access the site to post this.

@ChrisGammell This might have something to do with the server migration. I don’t know if the IP address changed at that time.

Thanks for the tag @hermit and thanks for reporting it @DaveLowther!

Yes, I would guess this is due to the IP address change when we moved servers and/or the fact that we temporarily had the wrong certificate being served up as a result of that.

The proper IP address for is now

Thanks for the reply. I’ll keep the exclusion for now. Let me know if / when you want me to test it without the exclusion

Is there a way to report this false positive to Malwarebytes (maybe include a link to this thread)?

I’ve reported it to Malware bytes. I had the same problem with accessing google a while ago and they fixed that very quickly. I’ll post back here if / when I get a response to my report.

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I could image their response time after they accidentally blocked Google to be a little different.

I got the standard reply asking me to download and run their diagnostic tools and submit the logs. I declined and asked them to try accessing this forum themselves. I told them I’d run the tools if they get back to me and tell me they don’t get the same problem as I’m having. I’ll post any further responses from them here

I got a reply confirming it was a false positive. It has been fixed. After updating to the latest version and removing the exclusion I can now access this site without any problems.


Really? Good for you :smiley: Mine also are already fixed. :sunglasses:

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