Making the layers in 3D transparent

In KiCAD 7.0 is there in the 3D module one can switch off the pre-reg layers so that you can move to the PCB sidewise and see the via(s) going from one layer to at another?

Not that I know of a switch/setting.

Maybe as an external 3D-gerber viewer is helpful.

Using v6 (so, I imagine v7 also does what is shown below)…

Four Vias with different connections including Blind and Micro vias… I tied all of them to a Net but, that’s not important… Double-Click the Via to access setting’s panel…

EDIT: Forgot to include: you can Set the Opacity in Pref’s so that you can see the Inner Connections more clearly (and will show the inner Pads/Rings - screenshot…


you can disable board body on the options. Also you have the technical view option, which will show the layers and vias with theirs layer colors.

I mainly to did the transparency bit.

It quite interesting to see how the vias go through the layers.

Thank you for the input.

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