Making the FAQ more visible


Is there a way to make the FAQ more visible? Right now, it’s at the bottom of the drop-down list of categories. I seldom (never) look at that list, so I only knew a FAQ existed from some comments in other threads. Could the FAQ be moved to the top-level menu so it’s always in your face? That may be helpful to new visitors to the forum.

This is not a major issue for me. My suggestion might even be a bad idea or too much work. I’m just mentioning it in case somebody else is thinking similarly.


It really is a work in progress and I’m not sure it deserves too high a visibility at this time. I think it’s less than a month old and the form could change over time. The biggest problem I see is that of permissions. You have to get you membership level up to be able to edit it. That’s why I’m linking threads that the author can go in and make changes themselves.


I wouldn’t be too concerned with its form or the ability to edit it. I think it provides valuable information right now that might cut down on the questions from new users and lessen the load on some forum members who provide a lot of answers.

As I said, this isn’t a big deal for me. I’m happy someone is doing it and it isn’t me.


@ChrisGammell might be the one that has to do that then. While at it maybe maybe lock the index to the top and get rid of the second post there so that every time I open the thread I’m not at the bottom. Not big deal with just one extra post but others start posting it could be.


Was playing around with a link in the upper right corner, but my web skills are…poor. Basically need to tweak the CSS for the gobs of ways this site is displayed. Happy to turn it on for now if you think that is helpful.

Can also create an announcement post…maybe in meta? And sticky that to the front page


If it displays at all, that’s great. I was hoping to avoid the rabbit-hole of CSS fiddling.


OK, turning it on now! Can fiddle over time and we’ll see it (hopefully) get better :smiley: