Making multiple PCB designs with breakoff


Hi, I am not sure the correct terms for this, how do I joined a few PCB with breakoff with 3 tiny holes like the image below … ( the image / design is not mine ) to be sent to PCB factory …

I can’t find any topics to give a step by step to do this process …

How small must the hole be ?

how do I add those holes without tin ?



Hi @stanleyseow Try searching for “mouse bites” or “panelizing / panelising”.


@stanleyseow, I am using those footprints:

Does the 3dviewer behave when displaying that board? I’m very interested on how you managed to if so, sorry for cross-posting, I incidentally asked a very similar question in here just a few minutes ago:


Thank you all, “mouse bite” was the keyword I was looking for …

Managed to install a few mouse bites and panelization footprint to Kicad