Making mistakes: Crash in nightlies



Here is an interesting exercise to get a crash:

Create a new library symbol. For examples sake, let’s call it MIMI4810.
Create a new schematic and place the new the new component on it.
Save and quit.
Restart KiCAD go to the schematic and delete the component from the schematic.
Get into the component editor, load the MIMI4810, change it’s name to MIMI4810MM and store it as a new component named MIMI4810MM.
Place the MIMI4810MM on the schematic and save it.
Now go into the component library again, select the library the MIMI’s are in. You will see both new components. Now delete the MIMI4810, save and exit.
Revisit your schematic and place another component MIMI4810. You will notice it finds MIFI4810MM in your library and it finds both in the library cache of your project. When you select the MIMI4810 from the library cache, EEschema and KiCAD crash. Gone.

This is a bit harsh, is it not?



You might want to report this one over at the bugtracker.
Give your kicad version information and your description of how to reproduce the bug.


Ok. Done that.
Bug #1692552.