Making hierarchial schematics should be simpler

There are two or three kinds of labels, Labels, Global Labels and Hierarchical Labels. And still you must import something, which is not obvious.

Yeah. To start with it would be nice if a hierarchical label automatically appeared in the sheet symbol when you create one in the sheet. No import. Random position would be fine, can be moved as needed afterwards.

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I agree it’s not obvious, especially for beginners. I once also did not understand it, and used the different label types based on their visual appearance.

But take some time to read the KiCad manual (It’s in the menu, under “help” and on the KiCad website). The differences are explained quite clearly in the manual.

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Sure, after manual everything is usually easy, but does it really have to be this hard. 3 kinds of labels, and still not done. Well, I used all these labels and I think it works. One more label which works, perhaps?

Long term goal for the KiCad project is to be a viable alternative for the “professional” market. It is of course always nice to have a program that is easy to learn, but you only have to learn it once (apart from incremental changes due to updates) and you can use it for many years. The mix of features is always some compromise between easy to learn, and efficient to use after you’ve learned to use it.

But the people working on KiCad are always curious to new idea’s, and they listen to their users. If you have a good idea and are willing to spend some time to write a good proposal about it, then there is a realistic chance that (a part of?) your idea will be implemented in KiCad at some future time.