Making foot print with many pins


I need to make a kicad footprint and schematic symbol for this DF17(1.0H)-80DP-0.5V(57) connector:

now the problem is that it has 80pins and I’m not interested in sitting all day making footprints and schematic symbols for these kind of connectors manually.
does anybody have any tips on how to approach this problem?
Even better how to design it parametcaly?

Thanks for helping.

For the footprint:

You have a few options.
Option 1:
Setup the grid such that you have a grid point at the center of each pad.
Place the first pad and edit it such that it has the correct size, layer setup, local clearance if necessary and of course the pin number 1.
Place all other pins on the grid dots.
(This is quite fast.)

Option 2:
Make use of the array function in the open gl canvas.
Similarly to option 1 place the first pad and set it up correctly. Then use the array function (right click create array) to place the rest.

Option 3:
Python. Either create a footprint wizard or use the footprint generator scripts by @pointhi

For the symbol

You can simply use my connector symbol generator to create a 40pins per row variant:
I link the Pull request as it has not yet been merged.

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i usually use this generator:
and as far as i’m aware the footprint librarie can handle this itsself, by generating a “pattern”.


Well the link you added is very useful thanks but what about foot

Did you read my comment? I gave you every option you have in kicad. The array tool should give you everything you need. The trick with the grid is helpful if you don’t trust the array function or if you do not want to work in open gl. I even gave a link to a python scripting environment if you want to make more than one connector of this series.

Sorry wasn’t fast enough replying to you as well was busy with that website thingy.

after all I took the website option along with your option number 2 for the footprint didn’t know you can switch to open GL in foot print editor to create an array.