Making Custom hotkey method?


I want to make hotkey for create symbol
but there is no way to assign key to it

I know how to customize hotkey which is in the list of Hotkey (Preference -> Hotkey)
but my Question is that Is there any way to assign hotkey which is not showed in Hotkey list.

thanks for reading

Not a solution, but I tried exporting the hotkeys, edit the resulting file assigning a hotkey “U” to “Duplicate Block” (the latter text taken from the menu item, it is not an existing shortcut command item), and deleting the the current assignment to U (Edit Reference") or in another attempt first reassigned it to “Ctrl-U”. Then I imported the file back in, but it did not have any effect, “U” was still assigned to “Edit Reference” or in the latter case was still unassigned.

I really think there should have been a shortcut to Duplicate Block. If my memory serves me, “U” was the shortcut for that in a previous version way back.

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