Making a Keyboard

I’m trying to learn KiCad by following an example PCB shared by a user on another forum. It’s a clone of a keyboard that he likes and has successfully had manufactured and sold PCBs to other users.

Pretty much copying his layout but changing things around a bit to my liking. I’ve got the layout similar to his but my keyboard matrix is different since I don’t quite understand what keys to pick for an 11x11 matrix. Just layed it out as it would actually look on the board to keep it simple for me.

I’ve got the main sheet as the controller, a Teensy 2.0++ and the matrix as the hierarchical sheet. The Matrix uses Hierarchical labels for the Rows and Columns, exactly like the example does. All of the Net Labels seem to be connected and named correctly. However, when running the electrical rules check, all of the Row and Column pins on the MCU show as Pin Not Connected. Since I honestly have no clue what I’m doing electrically yet and am just starting out, my guess is I didn’t do something correctly. All Warnings and no Errors but I’d like to figure out how to do this the right way. The Grounds and LEDs seem to connect just fine but those aren’t inside a Hierarchical sheet either.

What would be the proper way to connect these to get rid of the warnings ?

Would it maybe help if I changed the MCU Pin names to what they are going to be connected to in the Matrix ?

I believe the problem is that on the right, where the signals come out of the bus and attach to the matrix subsheet, you need to include the net labels. You have them on the Teensy side, but KiCad won’t infer them from the pin names on the hierarchical sheet. Copying them one by one from the Teensy side should do it.

Busses look great, but are annoying :slight_smile:


Buses are being worked on right now qnd will be much more powerful in future versions of kicad.


Thank you @borgel. Just did a quick test on a few columns and that fixes the warnings !

That’s what I get for assuming the software would automatically make the connections for me since the names were all the same and everything was " virtually " connected.

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No problem! Glad that did it!

@Rene_Poschl I’m excited to see it! I’ve had a few ugly schematics because I was frustrated with their current form.

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