Making a footprint library

I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong in the way I’m doing a library.
I made a schematic pattern that I can use.
I made a pattern that I’m trying to assign to the device I made (in schematic, edit, then assign footprint).
Whart I did:

  • I opened the pattern editor and made a TSOP54 footprint which doesn’t exist in standard patterns
  • I saved the library, to which a .pretty extension has been added.
  • When trying to save the contents, it says that I have to select a libray. But there is no option to navigate to the new library I just created.

Any hint about how to do?



First. Open your footprint library table configuration and add your library to the list. Global list if you need your library available for all future project, local list if you need it only in current project and library had been saved in project folder (Remeber to use KIPRJMOD variable reference in path!)
Back to the library editor then click working library icon. Chose your new library.

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I wrote a detailed description in the FAQ category. Click the link to read the full post. (or click on the arrow in the right top right corner of the gray area. This arrow might be invisible in your browser)


Hello guys!
Thanks for your replies. And happy new year!

I read the tutorial, and it’s very useful, thanks!
One thing I’m missing is a list on the left (like in the symbol editor), that would show all the footprints in the current library. But maybe it’s just a matter of setting. -> Is there such a setting to show all the footprints in the current lib?
I created 2 similar components with different names and I would like to remove one of them. How do I do that?
In the footprint editor, is there a way to draw a rectangle? I mean, not 4 segments as it happens with the polyline tool, but a rectahngle that would remain as a rectangle. Otherwise, editing the rectangle is a pain, I have to fine tune 4 segments of 2 points with 2 coordinates each, which means 16 different coordinates. And apparently there is no way to move a segment and keep the other linked.



The footprint editor does not have a tree view.

Removing footprints is quite easy. Either use your normal file browser (footprints are one file per footprint.) Or click on the recycling pin symbol in the top toolbar (while your lib is active)

In stable there is no other tool than the poly line.
In nightly there is a polygon tool but i did not find a setting to create non filled polygons.