Making a footprint for this scart connector


If I want to make a new footprint for this scart connector, I need to find out the drill hole diameter for the pins.

The datasheet for the connector in question is -

Am I reading it correctly, that the pin drill bit size is 1.30mm?

How can I make the cuts in the footprint into the actual pcb so that the clips have a mount to hold onto?



Draw a rectangle on the edge cuts layer. Sadly this can not be done from within the footprint editor. So your only option is to draw on some other layer and use a text editor to move the drawing over to the edge cuts layer.

The relevant bug report for this is:


What @Rene_Poschl said.

Also, the drawing doesn’t specify a suggested or minimum corner radius for the rectangular cuts for the mounting clips. But I see the rectangular cuts are oversized on the 3mm dimension by 1.5mm. Check with your board manufacturer to see what they specify as the standard/minimum inner-corner routing radius. As long as it is 0.75mm or less you should be good. If not, you may need to expand the 4.5mm dimension.