Make USB VBus become +5V power?

I am having no luck in getting this circuit to pass the schematic rules check.

In this circuit, I am using the 5V VBus from incoming USB to power the circuit. I do a little filtering and then try to declare the output as +5V or Vcc.

I have edited the USB connector power pins (1, 5) and changed these pin types to many different types (power output, power input, passive, etc.) but always get severe errors from the error checker. The remainder of the circuit (not shown) uses the +5V and GND component designators. No errors occur there.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I cannot eliminate these errors?


The first error you have two power flags on the +5V line on top of each other right there. In the error report component names starting with “#FLG” are the power flags, and the coordinates are the same.

The second error is you have the GND pin of your USB MiniB symbol defined as a power output. Then you attach a power flag (with is pin type “power output”) to the same net. The GND symbol logically connects your two symbols as expected. Either get rid of the power flag on the ground line, or change your USB MiniB symbol.

I’m starting to think that for my schematics I’ll make sure all power pins on symbols are type “power input”, even voltage regulators. Then I put a power flag on nets where I think the source of the power is for documentation purposes. Thus in your case, I’d move the GND power flag from where it is to the USB connector, and maybe move the +5V power flag closer to your L301 filter. But that is all style, and hardly any substance. :rofl:

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I don’t see any identical coordinates, and they are different nets. Both errors are simply due to unnecessary power flags.

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I really need to get my eyes checked… I mis-read the first error to have identical coordinates. My bad. The issue is two power flags on the +5V net. The other must be on part of the schematic not shown.

That is not a correct assumption. KiCad can’t tell where on the net the conflict is, so it flags one location on the net. 50% of the time, that is wrong location.

So somewhere else in the schematic there is the conflict, but you did not show it.

In general, if you get a conflict error on a power flag, simply remove the flag.

I would recommend that the USB symbol should have power in or passive pins, that maybe a matter of preference. I note that on some library symbols VBUS and GND or set to power output.

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