Make old posts less visible on search engines

SEO is a vast topic, but what I want to discuss is the ease to find relevant information about the latest version of KiCAD when doing a search.

On Google, when searching for how to do a particular thing, many posts dating back to KiCAD 4 and 5 are shown, and link to this (amazing) forum.
Taking dragging footprints as an example: kicad drag footprint with tracks - Google Search


It may not be clear for a new comer that this is old info, and KiCAD has come a long way since. Would it be possible to tag posts with their KiCAD version? Or maybe just as being old? How can the recent content be more visible?
I realize that some old answers are still valid today, and that makes filtering a double edged sword.

In a nutshell: KiCAD has changed so much since V5 and V6 (in a good way). The info that should be the easiest to find should be about the latest version.
Look at the screenshot I posted. I think this is deserving the work that has been done in recent years as it does not reflect the current status and quality of KiCAD.

There are many improvements you can make in your search . . . just select a time frame of 12months
Last 12 months

or just get results from

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