Make existing net routes move when routing new nets?

When routing nets using Altium it has a feature that will automatically move existing net routes out of the way as you route the current net. Any idea if KiCad has this feature?

I googled but didn’t find anything, so I’m guessing “no”, but just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss it as a feature like this would allow me to route nets so much quicker.

I think you mean the “Interactive router”, and yes, KiCad has this feature.
Just have a look at a few of these video’s:

I do wonder why you ask this after 7 months.
There are (at least) two common reasons for the Interactive Router not working.
First you have to use the “Modern Toolset”.
It is in Pcbnew / Preferences / Modern Toolset (Accelerate) [F11]

Another possibility is the settings of the interactive router itself. These are in Pcbnew / Route / Interactive Router Settings. If you set these to the same as the screenshot below, then you should be able to get it going.

If it still does not work after that, then report back and post your full version info from: Pcbnew / Help / About KiCad / [Copy Version Info] and then paste it here.


Perfect! Thanks, Paul. I needed to set interactive routing to “shove”. It wasn’t clear to me how to get to these settings until watching your suggested videos.

In short, my time with KiCad is limited as I’m mostly just a hobbyist and sometimes go a few weeks at a time without getting back to it.

By profession, I’m a software/firmware engineer but don’t design the actual hardware at work. I’ve toyed around with Altium at work, but only designed and assembled my first (hobby) board (using KiCad) a few months ago. It was a simple DAC breakout board where the net routings were trivial. I’m now working on a more complicated board with far more net routings.

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