Maintining settings from board to board

Is there a way to modify the template (or other) file to give default line sizes for drawings and board edge cuts. My PCB manufacturer requires 0.01mm for edges, and I like to use similar for my dimension info. The default is 0.2 mm which is too large for small PCBs.

I have to set up new track widths every time I start a board in the global design rules section. I usually set up 0.5,0.75,1.0,1.25,1.5 & 2.0 mm track widths.

I would like to carry these as default widths from board to board. I have modified the template file ( but these changes are lost at each startup.

Is it possible to keep these set-ups?

These are stored in the .kicad_pcb file, so they won’t transfer using the .pro file. I’ve dabbled in making an actual template with directory structure and files (like their Arduino template or whatever), but moved onto something else higher priority before I finished.

The template is probably the way you want to go, or a script to rip out the

    (last_trace_width 0.25)
    (trace_clearance 0.2)

and your

(net_class Blah

from the .kicad_pcb file and put it in whatever you’re working on. Right now, I just copy/paste the stuff into the new project, I know that sucks though.

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You can look at:
page 15.

This shows how to create such a template.