Maintaining paper size with new hierarchical sheet

I’ve create a new template with the paper size A and a page layout description file to include the logo of my university. When I start a new project using my template, every parameters (paper size and logo) are fine. But when I insert a hierarchical sheet, the logo still appear but the paper size revert to A4. How to keep the A size paper parameter?


Same here.
I set the paper size of an existing project to A1, then added an hierarchical sheet and it also defaults to A4.

From what I know such defaults are not read from some default template, but sort of hard coded in KiCad. So I don’t have a solution, but can confirm your problem.

I also would not know a good algorithm for the default size of a new sheet. There is no guarantee that a new hierarchical sheet should be the same size as the main sheet.
I just had a look at:

And like the rest of this chaotic wold, it’s just a big mess and you have to find some method to make do with.

As a workaround you can put a hierarchical sheet to your template and set it to the paper size you want.

It’s also such a small thing. How often do you start a new project, and need an hierarchical sheet in it?

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