Mailing lists for developers (solved)

The mailing list at seems to be dormant
Has it been replaced elsewhere?

It isn’t dormant just maybe not that much to talk about as we are in feature freeze and only bug fixes are allowed. Some of the discussion for bug fixing is happening in Gitlab as well.

Also the last message was 2 days ago so there is still some activity.

Edit: Same link but sorted by last message in descending order:

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@franzee I am not sure why you think that - it is not a closed environment at all. Search engines do support mail archives - see for information.

As discussed previously, if you want to develop new features you must register with the mailing list and discuss implementation details before opening a merge request.

@Qbort: I should have put “closed” in quotes, and I was referring to gitlab, not the mailing list (because there is much more activity on gitlab). For example, if I’m not mistaken, google cannot find all things written in comments (which are dynamically loaded) on gitlab, and the Wayback Machine cannot archive comments there. Gitlab is “open” and can even be installed locally, but it is currently less “traditionally” accessible than older systems, I think.


@franzee My apologies I misread and misunderstood your original post. I read it as the “mailing list archive” is a closed environment.

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