Magnetically attracted to the centre of a pin


I am having a conceptual problem. More often than not, the library footprints are centred in the middle of the component. This is my problem.

I work by having my footprint origins in the centre of a pin - usually pin 1.

So. What I want to do is grab all the various graphical parts to a footprint in a library component and then click on a suggested magnetic point when I wiggle the mouse above pin 1. I want to then move the entire footprint to the blue cross origin.

Either that or simply click on an option somewhere that shifts the origin to the centre of pin 1 …

Apart from not being able to see through my holes this also is a very difficult issue for me and I am being very distressed by it.

I have clicked on the ‘grid origin’ under the place menu. It does shift the ‘origin’ magnetically to the pin. But the blue cross does not line up with the origin.

I want the blue cross to line up with the origin. Is this my problem ?

No need to stress over that.

  • In the Footprint editor on the left hand side click ‘Show pads in outline mode’.
  • Select everything by dragging a box with the mouse pointer
  • press M for move selection
  • move into place of your choice
  • at any time right click ‘Grid’ to change the grid


Thanks for the reply.

I’ll do as you suggest. Cheers.

The footprints are made this way as it is required for automatic assembly. Are you sure you want to block this route for yourself?

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