Made with KiCad sample

Hi folks, we are making a cool motor controller and I recently noticed that most traffic in our website comes from, so I thought I should share it here for your amusement:

Here is the project page at hackaday:

And you are likely going to get thrilled with the blog updates:

If you like what you see, like and follow the project!


Nice one. Then again. Anything is possible with a Siemens(infinion) budget.

If you’d deploy GaN zero trr semiconductors by TI you might be able to get away even without the requirement for liquid cooling.

Actually, the project grew organically. A guy in france asked me if I can build it. I said sure, but it will cost you half as much if I can release the design files and have freedom to build upon it.
Fast forward a few years later and I’m still using the IGBTs he lent me, and the ocassional consulting and orders around it lets me buy the equipment.

GaN just can’t get you in the 300A range, but SiC can, we hope we can give it a try someday… but THAT is real expensive stuff!

Would not be surprised if TI has already something in the drawer to cover that range. Interesting times indeed.

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