macOS Nightly Builds

The Nightly builds for macOS seem to have got stuck - nothing has been built since the 20th April (since around the Python 3 stuff was added). Does the build VM need a reboot?

The CI is temporarily disabled while some issues relating to the Python 3 work get resolved, Adam is working on it and we hope to have new builds again soon.

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Thanks for the update @craftyjon - I’ve been testing the pre-built versions on a machine running Catalina. I’ve also managed to build recent 5.99 versions including up to the 24.4.2021 myself on an older machine running HighSierra. The build triggers a few errors near the end, and there are a couple of small appearance issues but all the programs run and its good to finally see a Python 3 console in KiCad.

A new nightly is up, featuring Python 3, Dark Mode, and a week’s worth of bug fixes :slight_smile:

Note that right now we only are creating the unified builds; there is currently not a “light build” without the libraries.


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