macOS nightlies

It looks like the macOS nightlies are stuck. Anyone know how to reach Adam who manages them? I tried to build it myself but it looks like it still doesn’t build properly on macOS ARM (or I’m just a noob :person_shrugging:)

We don’t yet have a native build env for Mac ARM. Adam does have a way to build a x86_64 binary on ARM (which then runs via Rosetta). It was a nightmare for me to set up, but I’m deffo challenged when it comes to build environments.

Are you using kicad-mac-builder? If so, there’s a x86_64-on-m1 branch that you can check out and then do:

arch -x86_64 ./

I ran in to a ton of problems with wxPython after that, which I can’t remember how we resolved. Something about there being two different homebrew setups, one for x86_64 and one for ARM.

Adam just recently got a M1 Mac, so he’s working on native builds…

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Thanks, I’ll have a look at that branch.

I don’t think native builds are that big of a deal for the nightlies yet though - the Intel binaries run stupid fast on this thing even under emulation. Just need them to get building again :slight_smile:

Edit - sigh, think it’s going to be a non-starter here. “Warning: Running in non-interactive mode because stdin is not a TTY.” (it is), “Need sudo access on macOS (e.g. the user alex needs to be an Administrator)!” (I am) — i’m too much of a macOS noob myself to really get this fixed. I’ll just wait until the nightlies are back up.