macOS catalina can not install default symbol library

Hello. New user here. No luck getting kicad to run on macOS Catalina.

Installed kicad-unified-5.1.6-0-10_14.dmg. Copied both the KiCad Application and kicad Application Support without complaint. Then tried File -> Project and I get a dialog asking about symbol libraries. The first choice “Copy default global symbol library table” seems the best but it is grayed out and I can not select. The others ask me for a table which I do not have. Until I answer I can not even Quit the program, only way out is to Force Quit.

I added to Full Disk Access but that didn’t help.

Hope I’m missing something simple. Thanks for your time.

Update. I started the installation over and this time I started Console to watch for errors. When I drag kicad (lower case) to Application Support, this message appears in the Console:

Drag to alias/symlink <private>, which targets /Library/Application Support, is disallowed by system policy

So I think the symbol libraries never get installed. I also learned that this folder is not included even when “Full disk access” is enabled in Security and Privacy settings. So it appears that kicad must store these files somewhere else.