MacOs 3d raytrace – a bug or what's going on?

Let’s hope the video resolution via Youtube can somehow show the issue, as it’s difficult to explain this in words, enabling “Youtube HD” might help on your side…

This might also be related to compatability issues in your other thread. I wonder if it is an OpenCascade issue.

Oh that’s quite a mess :slight_smile:

Apple is unbelievably hostile towards Open Source development and probably other low resource development. Or maybe it would be more fair to say it’s a byproduct of their other priorities (upholding their brand at any cost), but it’s still how it feels like. Fortunately for KiCad, the situation is better on desktop, on mobile it’s worse.

Isn’t it kind of strange KiCad Raytracing seems to work better in Mojave compared to Catalina? Any plans to make it the opposite way?

Would you like to rise a bug here: and give all version details, etc.

As far as I know, Apple things has that hi pixel resolution thing. KiCad 3D viewer is using that information to render the images to the oversize need.
So I believe on the first case it is correctly reported the resolution and on the second case it is not getting it correctly and it is rendering on (probably) half of resolution, that is also it is much faster.

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