MacOS 10.14 eeSchema won't open because of unspecified problem


I was having some problems with assigning footprints to components, and decided maybe I should upgrade to the latest software. I updated my mac to 10.14 so I could run the latest and greatest in KiCad, and I downloaded and installed everything.
When I try to open eeSchema (or any other package) I get an error that eeSchema can't be opened because of a problem. I tried deleting the kiCad folder in Applications and Application Support and reinstalling and still having the same problem. Any ideas on what I can do?


Hi! Please report this as a bug to

It would be helpful if you include your KiCad version information (About KiCad->Copy Version information) if you can get to it. There should also be an error log that you can copy from Console (Apple->Space and search for “Console”)