MACH 230 Symbol Creation



I am learning how to create schematic symbols using the Component Library Editor.

The proces for creation of schematic symbols is easy to use. But I need some advice on the format of the creation of a symbol for a Lattice MACH 230.

The MACH 230 is a 84 pin PLCC, which the pin connections are:

64 I/O pins
6 Vcc pins
4 CLOCK / Input
2 Input

I started out creating the smybol as detailed in the Datasheet, but have read the KiCad Library Convention.

Section S4.2 indicates that pins should be grouped by function.

If I follow the convention, all 64 I/O pins will be grouped together.

Is this the correct way to create the symbol?

There are symbols availble on Github that do not follw this convention.


It appears the chip has 8 I/O blocks, if you wanted to split the grouping, I would suggest breaking out 8 units, with 1 per I/O block, but in reality 64 pins is not that big, probably more to group to 8’s with a 1 pin gap between blocks.



Thanks for the advice, I will use your suggestion.