[Mac OS X] ground pin and Bus to wire labels

Dear Kicad
i have few questions.

  1. i am making a new component using component editor now most of the pins are input and out as per datasheet but ground pin i am not getting what to specify the data sheet says input/output type as “-”
    but for that pin i can see as per the kicad options i can specify either
    can some one please specify what option would be for Ground pin ?

  2. I have attached a snapshot can some one please specify here will this work i have connected multiple bus to wire now i have used a global label DDR_A[15…0] and DDR circuit will be in another schematic sheet now i am failing to understand how will the tool know that F3 pin of the processor must be connected to N3 pin of the DDR which is in some other schematic sheet. am i missing something on the wire F3 which tells the tool connect this F3 wire to pin N3 on another schematic sheet can some one please let me know? i know about local label but that is meant only within the schematic sheet and also i have seen hierarchial label but that is mean only between root schematic and the schematic sheet where hierarchial label is used.

Select PowerInput option.

Thanks andy did you mean local labels but where it is connecting to exist in another schematic sheet.

For some reason, KiCad won’t use the pin names in order to understand that e.g. DDR_D0 in DDR_D[15…0] is connected to M3. You have to add a local label to the green wire.

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thanks engstad so what you say is i shall use local labels in both the schematic sheets along with Global labels DDR_D[15…0]

Yes. Start with DDR_D0, adding a (regular) local label (I think ‘L’). Then press < ins > to make DDR_D1, DDR_D2 etc.

I kindly disagree. If a bus is connected to unnamed nets that are connected to pins (with no other connections) with pin names following that particular pattern, then it is fairly safe to assume how the bus should be connected. It’s just one of those extra things that is very annoying to do in KiCad.

Another annoying thing is that you can’t make a bus with nets except when they are named xxx0, xxx1, … etc. I would love to connect groups such as SPI/I2C and even multiple power-lines as a “group”, instead of relying on hierarchical and global net names.

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Andy_P: The rule would only apply to an exact match. If the bus name is BUS_NAME then the pin names have to be BUS_NAME0, BUS_NAME1, … etc. Also, no other connections would be appropriate, nor would it work if you labeled the network anything else. In other words, Use the pin name as a last resort.

I use KiCad exclusively, so I have no idea what Altium or Eagle or whatever does. We don’t have to copy other software to be good, just improve our own.

Ah, yes - the grouping works if you are on the same sheet. But that’s not due to the bus wire, it “works” because local labels with the same name are connected. It doesn’t work if you try to pipe it in or out of the sheet.

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Perhaps it might be a good idea to be able to auto-label net stubs based on the name of the symbol pins they are connected to?

The idea is good. But in some cases the pin name is very long, for example in ARM MCU where one pin sometimes has 4 or more alternetive function. Use first part of name ‘PC8’, and treat ‘/’ as a delimiter? What if somebody uses other characters? What if pins has different orientation?

Well, I’m talking about a user-controllable option for the “Wire” tool to auto-name net stubs. It doesn’t need to take into account delimiters etc - just copy pin name as net label. User is free to edit it afterwards.

Thanks guys i am having error when i compile my schematics

I have attached my schematics in the message in this i have used global labels marked in red for the output voltage from the PMIC now this voltages are used to connect multiple pheripheral devices on multiple sheet 2,3,4 is it correct to use it as global label for the output voltage i am sure it is wrong but then how will i deal with such thing where an output voltage is connected to multiple devices running on multiple schematic sheet. as there would be a physical wire from this point to other devices so i thought global variable serves the purpose. can some body help me on this

The global labels in my personal opinion aren’t good solution for power distribution in any way. I think is better to use power port symbols. Eeschema hasn’t features to place one power port and rename it, just like in Altium. So, you need to use default ones or create yours if there is no those you need.

Try adding a power flag to each power net.

thank you keruseykaryu

but how can i use this in multiple schematic sheet it must be global correct
as it is a physical copper wire running from source to the device

thanks bobc
is there any example link that i can follow

Power ports are globals.

Just take the PWR_FLAG component from the power.lib and connect it to the net which report error like this:

ErrType(3): Pin connected to some others pins but no pin to drive it
@ (6.700 in,2.300 in): Pin 1 (power_in) of component #PWR01 is not driven (Net 3).

thanks keruseykaryu
now after i place a power flag and a power port

if you see here i used a power port for VDD_5V just after barel jack and also a power flag to indicate it is a power input

but this still gives me a error

Does the VDD_5V net has another connection somewhere? What is the error message?
Do you properly created your power port?

What is the exact error message?