Low cost PCB fabricators in India



This is the first time I am fabricating a PCB (single side, less than 10 cm X 10 cm). Does anyone know of low cost PCB fabricators in New Delhi, India.

Arvind Gupta


Hi, I’m maintaining a list here: http://oshw-india.referata.com/wiki/List_of_vendors
Please consider adding any new ones you find to there as well.


I had searched out some low cost pcb manufacturer long time ago and If location is not constraint you can checkout http://probots.co.in/index.php?main_page=page&id=4. This was cheapest I found!

If you are specifically looking for Delhi. Look out at http://www.ancompindia.com but I am not sure about its pricing.
There are also few cheap pcb manufacturer in lajpat rai market I don’t remember shop number but their quality is poor.