Lost many 3d wrl

Since new 3d file path changed in new version kicad, my old pcb lost all 3d models. so i redefined all 3d sharps manually.

to-92-inline-wide need rotate.
buzzer need change offset.
usb become ugly.
micro-usb lost.
jtag 2*5 lost.
dc-in lost.

smisioto.no-ip.org may be no compatible anymore? all 3d library path changed.

pls help to finish this simple pcb, just for 3d view. anyone would find those suitable wrl file, it hard to search wrl file, I only can view wrl in nautilus search using view3dscene.

What version of kicad are you using? All the WRL models provided with the 2012 release of kicad should still be available on the web; if you look at https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-library you can retrieve the first commit and this will contain WRL models as in the 2012 release. (Since then many commits may have rearranged, replaced or removed files.)

This pcb is really comes from 2012. The old 3d path is like “dil/dilxxxxx” type, and now is “Sockets.3dshapes/xxxx” style.

I collected all used modules (wrl files) into one directory, but I lost the directory (only backup my sch and pcb library).

If here has a pdf show all 3d modules with name, it more easy to rebuild my pcb’ 3d view. exist this pdf?

I know @cbernardo won’t like this, but 3D model management and preview is much better in Nightly :wink:

Why? Cirilo Bernardo and Mário Luzeiro are the authors of the “Nightly”. I think Mário more focused on the viewer and Cirilo more focused on the step-plugin. :slight_smile:

Because Nightly builds are dangerous for “real work”

You can get a copy of all the “old stable” (BZR4022) files from this link https://github.com/KiCad/kicad-library/archive/3fb47e394477507435def40d12bc1bac6fb4ea04.zip

ETA the new 3d stuff looks great, so I look forward to the next stable release :slight_smile: Thanks to Cirilo, Mario et al

Meh, I only use the nightlies otherwise I don’t have the tools I need like the STEP export and the 3D plugins. A number of developers always use the nightlies (and we’ve all been bitten by bugs at some time).

I suspect some people have created tools for thumbnails etc, but I can’t recall any specific project. If you just check out the first commit of the repository I mentioned in a previous post then you will have exactly the same directory structure and VRML files as in the 2012 release. If your projects used relative paths for the models then you only need to set the environment variable ‘KISYS3DMOD’ to an appropriate path and our models should all appear. You can define that variable in the Preferences->Configure Paths menu.

I like to follow the new rules(new path).

This bash can take screenshot although it is only a top view, but an simple bash script can make screenshot for all wrl files in the packages3d dirctory. And convert all output pictures into one pdf is simple using imagemagick. but I hope the pdf is officially.

▶ view3dscene '/usr/share/kicad/modules/packages3d/Choke_Toroid_ThroughHole.3dshapes/Choke_Toroid_15x40mm.wrl' --screenshot 1 ~/t.png