Lost connection to most recent pcbnew

I have been savings versions of pcbnew as I’ve modified my design. The Eeschema did not need to be modified. So now when I go to my project, it pulls up the same eeschema (still works) but an old pcbnew. How do I associate my most recent pcbnew to eescema and get back on track? What’s the best work flow to avoid this in the future? Saving changes at the project level instead?

Thanks so much anyone

I don’t quite understand what you mean. You copy the application when working with projects? Modified? Do you modify the source code of the application and compile it? What is “associating the most recent pcbnew to eeschema”?

the pcb and main schematic file must have the same filename as the project file (so project_name.pro, project_name.sch and project_name.kicad_pcb)

There is no other option. (meaning the most recent pcb file must be named as shown above. outdated files can be named differently but can then not be opened from within kicad)
I furthermore suggest the use of version control for your usecase instead of copying the pcb file.

Perfect. I’ll find the PCBnew file that’s part of the project and replace it with the most recent, corrected version.
Thank you!

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