Lost all resistors in schematic

I opened my board layout and in Eschema, the schematic, all of my resistors are now question marks. Is there a fix?

What is your kicad version?
What did you do to the cache lib file?
Was that project created in the same version that you use now?

I moved your question to the correct category. Be a bit more mindful about stuff like that next time around.

I may have made a change accidentally. My PCBs arrived and I just opened the files because on the schematic, I enter all of the component values.
wxWIdgets 3.0.3 Unicode and Boost 1.60.0

You did not answer if the project was created with an earlier version.
This question mark display happens when a library name is changed or the library cache is deleted and recovery is not done

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I went to a previous folder and copied the older .lib to the newer folder and it now works.

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