Lost all footprints after pad edit (Dropbox-related sync?)

I changed the clearance around a pad and then all footprints disappeared. Redrawing wouldn’t bring them back. All layers still intact. I took a chance and did a save and quit, thinking it unlikely that the file data had been emptied out and my stuff was intact when I restarted. Sometimes I have noticed errors in other programs that see to be connected with dropbox sync delays. I changed a pad clearance from 5 to 4 and it happened on the redraw I think.

Curious, what benefit do you get by using dropbox sync?

It’s just a working backup. As far as I know that is what it’s for. If I keep all work under a directory that is sync’ed and my laptop is destroyed I still have it. Am I missing something? Yeah I pay for it but I also don’t have to perform any administrative tasks in connection with it.Also, though I haven’t tried it it is supposed to provide granular restores, which would have saved my bacon if I really did lose my footprints. I do see that there is some capability built into kicad as well in a save file.


I’ve been using a folder in “My Documents” for all my footprints, 3D’s etc. This way it is backed up with all my other files.
My biggest risk is myself. Going in and making a footprint change that accidently severely damages the footprint. So before I start a new project I zip all my personal Kicad Libraries and store them someplace else.

I have my personal libraries on Dropbox - easy way to share them between different machines.

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