LoRa Ra02 - footprint

I have the following LoRa 02 board. I’m really a beginnger and I’m trying to understand if the footprints LoRa Ra-01 Ai thinker OR the HOPERF_RFM9XW_SMD match my module. Both of them seem to have some equal measures between pins but some other measures are slightly different. Do you have experience with any of these footprints?


I don’t see a reason why Ra-01 footprint wouldn’t work for LoRa 02. Just make sure the pin numbering order is correct.

LORA RA01 has one bigger pad and the other dimensions are same as LORA RA02.
Also, RFM9XW-SMD has body 16x16mm and pins are 1x1.8mm. So, all the footprints are not same.

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