Looking for TinyFpga Library Element

I’m working on a home robotic project. It uses the TinyFpga Ax 1 tiny module along with other tiny modules like the Pololu DVR8833 motor driver.

I’m trying to find out if others have already created personal versions and if so would they share them?

I’m a retired engineer that was use to others handling this level of detail. Now I’m busy doing soup to nuts and learning every part of the process which was taken care of by those that knew how to do it well.

I’ve already reintroduced myself to verilog and simulation and have the gate design completed and verified. Time to design the PCB.

Any help will be appreciated.

A symbol for that module would be pretty easy to make, and it’s almost necessary for you to make your own (for each project where you use one) because your design will dictate the functions of all of the general-purpose numbered pins. The power, ground, and bit stream pins are common, but all the rest will either be input, output, bidirectional, or no-connect based on your FPGA design, so a generic symbol would require a lot of editing or overrides.

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Or accepting that ERC can not help as much as it could with a specialized symbol.

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I agree… it seems the best way to go.