Looking for ICL8038 and MAX1044 spice models

I’ve been looking for Spice models for the following devices to use in KiCad.
I’m new to KiCad, but I have been able to search several standard Spice libraries with no luck. In one case (ICL7660) I found lots of references to a model in an Intersil library, but that page no longer exists and Renesas now has the product but apparently not the Spice model.
Anyway, I would welcome any help!

  • ICL7660
  • MAX1044
  • ICL8038

Best, -=P=-

Seemingly nobody has models at hand.

What about creating models yourself?

If you look at the Harris data sheet of the ICL8038, you will see a nice circuit diagram on page 4 (a lot of bipolar transistors). A very nice circuit analysis is available at Intersil ICL8038 (in German, use google translate).

I have done this modelling with KiCad for the 741 opamp or the 555 timer, which may serve as a reference (see Simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice - #4 by holger for KiCad6 or More simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice - #3 by holger for KiCad8).

This is of course a diligent piece of work, but why not give it a try.

I don’t remember specifically adding the LTC1044 to my library but, it’s there so, perhaps it’s already in your system… LTC1044 is compatible with ICL7660

Holger, thanks for the encouragement!
Of course I’m going to wimp out by putting that up at the top of my todo list, right after the 9 other things I need to do first. However, long term it’s another vote for learning how to make Spice models, which may eventually percolate up to the top of the top of the list. . .
Thanks for the links to examples.

Thanks for the pointer; I didn’t know about that equivalence. Unfortunately, there’s an LTC1044 symbol, but no Spice model. I made a symbol a few days ago that has the pin layout in a more convenient (for me) arrangement, but I’m still looking for a way to Spice simulate it. So now I’ll try prowling Spice libraries for an LTC1044 model.
Onward. . .

Kicad contains the other related devices, too. Still, will need to find a .model/lib/sub/etc…

Or, it’s a simple-enough device to create your own and don’t need all the stuff, depending on what you want to use it for in circuit. I’m not an expert so, I only create them for my limited use…

In More simulation examples for KiCad/Eeschema/ngspice you will find my spice model for the ICL8038, made from the circuit given in the data sheet.

Yes! Perfect. Many thanks!

In the above link you will now find also a project with a LTC1044 model.

In what version of KiCad are these examples made? I just reloaded the operating system on a PC to Windoze 11 since my v6 KiCad on my main computer (a Mac) gets the dreaded “KiCad was unable to open this file because it was created with a more recent version than the one you are running” message when I try your example of an ICL8038. Unfortunately the v7.0 KiCad on Windoze 11 also gets that same message when I try the ICL8038 example. I loaded the most recent stable KiCad. . . Here’s a screen shot:


KiCad nightly or KiCad8RC2. I don’t use KiCad7, as 8 offers a vastly improved simulator interface.