Looking for help (Solved)

I am going to be honest, I just want a simple board layout for my project. I was wondering if there was someone out there willing to make up a quick file for me so I can send it out for manufacture. I have a picture showing how I need the board laid out. The board has a 20 pin optical buffer and a three pin voltage regulator. The traces are what is important here. The size needed would be a 1"x1".

Can someone out there help me? Here is a link to the board layout I need.

Picture of board layout (Click Here)

What does the schematic look like??

Why not jump in and get your feet wet with kican and design your own??


I tried learning the program, and I am too busy right now to fuss with it. I do want to learn, but I cannot wait a few months when I have the time to do it. If you click on the link in the original post you will see the diagram.

hi jjseabra,
in your link that is a ‘breadboard’ trace-view - a schematic would show what components are involved and how they are connected. and i can’t see how this thing is connected to the ‘outer world’ - so are there some sockets?

eventually you like the fritzing approach better than kicads (more advanced) work-flow
[fritzing][1] can also draw a breadboard view - and from this as starting point you can layout your pcb…
some board-houses / fabs also directly support the fritzing file-format (and there is a fab-service from fritzing itself)

consider that such a simple board is only useful to be made by a fab if you need lots of them (otherwise this will get pricy)
for i would say up to ten boards its easier to just make this by hand on breadboard…

sunny greetings
[1]: http://fritzing.org/

s_light - Thank you for recommending fritzing. This is exactly what I was looking for. Something simple to use without having to learn an entire new program. I already got my schematic setup and uploaded to the fab house. Have a great day!

hi jjseabra,
good to know it worked for you
pleas try to edit your first post tittle and add [solved]
and for the next time - have some clearer tittle -
for example: how to do? simple breadboard circuit to board for fab
or something similar… so its easier to know what you are looking for while scanning the post list…
sunny greetings