Looking for freelancer to modify KiCad layout

We have an existing design but need help completing the layout. We have been unable to complete the project due to lack of availability. Please reach out if you are interested in extra design work (or can recommend someone).

There is also a jobs channel on the KiCad Discord where you might re-post this if you don’t find someone here.

Any geographical preferences?

I am wondering whether I would be interested in this. One of the problems is that I am ever getting more cautious with investing time in unknown (to me) newcomers on this forum.

I once spent half an afternoon on designing a PCB for a skateboard battery pack, and the OP lost interest when the project was nearly done. Recently I spent about an hour on a board review for a first poster we never heard of after that and I’ve also seen other “apparently paid for” projects whither away.

It may help a bit if you start with putting in some effort yourself. Show us some specifications of what you want. How big and complex is this board? Is it for one project or do you have more?


@ paul ah, that guy… I member. I predicted he wasn’t comming back bases upon our first contact. He dumped his crappy design here and left directly afterwards.

Charge 10 bucks for consultance talk, calculate amount of work and desired pay, get payed in advance → deliver :smiley:

Isn’t that a bit off topic for this forum?

What are you referring to as the “off topic” part?
I’d say that a job offer for a project to be done in KiCad is a valid on topic topic.


Thanks for the suggestion. I did find someone.
If anyone does offer services, be sure to get a 50% deposit!

Yes it is off topic but if it helps a contributor put a few bucks in their pocket it incentivizes them? :wink:

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