Looking for extra design help with KiCAD PCB layout

Hi everyone,

I’m completing the schematic in KiCAD for a moderately sized project (E-BOM of ~150 parts), and I’m looking for someone who can make the PCB layout. Unfortunately I’m strapped for time at the moment and can’t produce it myself.

Is there anyone here that has some extra time for a project? My estimation is less than a week of time to complete the layout. Let me know what you think is fair in exchange. :slight_smile:



Hey, I can do the layout for you. I do everything except RF.
I would charge 30 Euro/h.
if interested contact me over the forum.

Already found your lay-outer? If not I’ll be glad to jump in! Several years of KiCad experience, dozens of boards, several in continued production. We can do this based on a fixed price if you share some info about the project.
Contact via pm, please use mjs(at)schneidersoft.net

Hi Kyle, is your company, Gotham Analytics, planning on paying me for the 20 hours of work I’ve put into your project? I’ve tried several times to contact you and your company privately, but to no end. Posting here, hopeful for an answer, but also as a warning to others.