Looking for bipolar PROMs in libraries

There don’t appear to be any bipolar PROMs in the default libraries. Is there a good entry point
into alternate, user-generated, etc., libraries, or am I just stuck doing these myself?

If you mean a forum for exchanging User Libraries, I’m unaware of one.
The standard KiCAD libraries don’t list any bipolar PROMs, but they also don’t have any WWII triodes.

[quote]If you mean a forum for exchanging User Libraries, I’m unaware of one.
The standard KiCAD libraries don’t list any bipolar PROMs, [/quote]


Okay, now this getting really unfair. Like I need the extra work.

Shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. Symbol is just a box with address and data pins, a handful of control pins, and the power supply pins. Footprint could be one of those DIP packages. Or have you some weird part recovered from retro equipment?

It takes maximum 5 min. to create a PROM symbol.
You’ve gotten plenty of help here, but the “Karen” attitude prevails.
Get the wallet out and buy your beloved Mentor system instead.
You’re on my “ignore” list now.

Of course, but it’s always reasonable to ask before reinventing the wheel. Easy enough
to do, easier to (probably) just crib an existing EPROM symbol and pare it down. And
yeah, they’re all small DIPs, low pin count.

Nothing “weird” about them, perfectly common for their time. Yes, this is about reverse-engineering some old boards.

I didn’t ask how long it took - I’ve done an awful lot of symbol creation, but find it’s
always worth asking before duplicating someone else’s efforts, and it’s always worth
asking where those who know more about the system at hand are.

As far as your “Karen” business goes, you’re entitled to your attitude, whether or not it’s
appropriate under the circumstances. My questions (and arguments) are genuine, and
my presence here is intended to be reciprocal: In exchange for those with experience
helping me a little in getting up to speed, I’m offering the benefit of my experience with a
very, very comprehesive and mature EDA system. I can keep working with Mentor
at zero cost and no learning curve, but I’ve chosen to give KiCAD an honest go, and
I’m sure the grownups here will respond in kind.

Easiest is to find a symbol with the correct number of pins (more or less), save it to a personal library, then just rename those pins.

This FAQ will avoid any confusion about creating personal libraries.

To save a Kicad symbol to a personal library:
Open symbol editor, scroll through list on right, hover over the symbol to be modified, right click, “save as”, rename, scroll through the library list in the box 'till you find your personal library, highlight and save.
Open symbol in personal library and modify as required.
Don’t forget to set the anchor when finished.

ALWAYS MOVE PINS AROUND ON CREATED SYMBOL WITH THE GRID SET AT 50 mil (or the decimal equiv.)… otherwise wires will not attach to those pins in the schematic.

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