Looking for beautiful copper traces

I have always liked it when I found a PCB layout in which the copper traces looked very artistic. I have access to a laser engraver and want to engrave a nice looking set of copper traces on the back of my iPad.

Does anyone have a board design that they would be willing to share? If you have it in KiCad that would be best I can export it to the engraver software in whatever size I need. The diagram would need to be for a larger project simpler projects don’t have enough traces to make it interesting. I only work on smaller/simple projects that is why I am asking here.

Thanks for any suggestions.

You should check out boldport.com. That’s kind of his specialty.

I agree. I would love to see a button that would basically turn each net into a flood/filled zone and add loads of flowing arcs, like so…

It should also require less etching, as it leaves more copper, so it would be more environmentally friendly too.

@bgwiz design is probably from the pre-computer area single side board done with tape and pencil. Today very similar looking results come from feature “Bottlenecking” and “Teardrops”. Altium 20 recently also introduced a video with curved trace. You can check out the demo video at:

The behaviour comes from topological router. Check out the TopoR here:

Topo routing first used by Amundsen and Peary around the year 1900.
The theory was explained much later in France by Professor Jean Pierre what contributed to the double layer PCB technology. Introduction to designers and why it is looking diffrent is here:

You can take a look of some of the samples in Eyrie.io

Or this very nice Driver

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Something like so? afraid i don’t have many large curvy pcb’s

edit: I should add the bottom one was done in Kicad without plugins, I was stuck waiting for another part of a project so had some fun with the free angle router.

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These are great standard layouts with standard traces, but not what I was shooting for.

More like this ?

search words: “pcb badge art”, “pcb badge”

If you take my second image as an example, they are trying to add spline traces into kicad for RF stuff, meaning it should be easier to make curvy layouts,

as to the copper fills, turn on fillet for your zones with a radius of about 0.2-0.5mm lay them down however you want, and use clearance setup to make things space away from others and you will not be far off from it,

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